You Live Forever
   by Gladys L. Hargis

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"You live forever"You live forever, you live forever" revised

a new book is now out , called "Land beyond the Veil. about my visit with Mary, the Virgin Queen
by Gladys L. Hargis


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This is a message forEveryone, young and old alike.

Every one who is interested in going to heaven, There are Angels present long before your soul leaves your body. They appear immediately, and guide you. They let you know there is no fear around you. This book is clearly written to help ease the pain of separation of your family and friends that we all will have to endure someday. God and his Angels promise you that you will live forever, and never die, and they will be with you always.  I was able to see Heaven, the city, the Garden, my relatives, and friends, but God sometimes chooses for you to return to do a job for him, as he did with me, this is my story,  Gladys L. Hargis

This book was wonderful and beautiful, I find it easy to believe. Thank goodness you came back to tell us this great news, John Thompson of Tucson Az.

Everyday I was in the hospital it was a challenge for me to stay alive.  Many times I was in code blue, and they would have to tell my family that "we are losing her"  My body had sunk so low, and my organs were just on the verge of quiting, but something stronger than I, was watching over me.   After 8 days in critical care, I was then taken up to their (hospice) section on the 6th floor.  Everybody in this section usually dies.   But someone higher than I had other plans.  So I just relaxed and waited for my instructions. The nurse kept telling my soul to leave my body, just relax and go, as the angel is here to get you.  I saw the angel leave, and I knew God had other plans for me, before I went to my heavenly home.

Before I returned to my earthly home, I saw the Virgin Mary and Saint Therese, both, in the garden, who gave me all this LOVE I have for everyone.  I  put St Therese in my book,  I did not know who she was.  (I am a Baptist, and we do not study the Saints.  It is a shame, since we all worship the same God, that we do not know who the Saints are.   I am pleased and excited since learning who she was.  I feel blessed to have been able to meet them both, and had a chance to visit with them in person.  I have now written another 3 page chapter explaining  why I saw Saint Therese, and about the male Saint, I saw in the emergency room and in heaven.  How my husband explained his seeing the same male Saint in the hospice room as well, leaving with the another female Angel I saw as well, who had come to get me.  I also described the heavenly angels, and what they looked like in full and how they differ from other angels.  I told what St. Therese wore, and how the Virgin Mary was dressed, and how they looked.  St. Therese sat in a bed of roses.

I knew something wonderful had happened, because 3 months later, I was sitting in the emergency room of the same hospital, when my lung doctor, let out a yell, and he scared all the other doctors who then followed him into the room where I was sitting with my husband.  Thank goodness I was sitting down, because I am nearly 6 foot tall, and he is barely 5 foot.  He jumped on my lap and kissed the top of my head, and told the other doctors who were standing near by, that "this is my angel", "she is my miracle".  Later he told me that he was going to be a better person because of what I saw and had related to everyone.    What a miracle.

One night I was sound asleep, with an noisy oxygen tank and airmask on, when I heard a voice clearly say "GLADYS"  I knew the angel had re-visited me, so I came into the office and starting typing a poem,I called "In the land beyond the veil", it flowed like honey from my mind.  Something or someone not of this world, was dictating this poem to me.  Tears rans down my face while I was typing. I knew this was my story that explained the details of my trip to heaven in a nutshell.  I was so excited that I wondered if I could get another poem from my angel friend, and she dictated "The Heavens".    What a blessing. I hope with these 2 poems, you can understand why I feel so blessed and excited about what is to come for all of us. or

I have a new book coming out, called "Land beyond the Veil", about my long visit in the Garden with Mary, the Virgin Queen, and what she told me that I was to do for her.  What a miracle!