You Live Forever
   by Gladys L. Hargis


Endorsements:  A new book titled " Land beyond the Veil",is now out,: You live forever. {echo} You live forever, you live forever" will change publishing company and is revised.Gladys Hargis: Creatspace/Amazon will handle the future sales of my books, check with them, or write to me. 

Thank you for sharing your book with me.  Bob Durst. MD,  Ks.

  Thank you for writing "You live forever".  It was wonderful and I have shared it several times.  Clara George, Missouri

 Never in my wildest dreams would I ever expect some one I knew would have this experience like you and survive to write this unique book, it was wonderful.  Thank you.  Twila(desc) & Bob Stapel, Kansas

 This book was wonderful and beautiful, I find it easy to believe.  I love how you have written it as well.  My mother saw an angel when she died.  Iris Wylie, Missouri

  Erma and I really enjoyed your book, we thought it was wonderful.  We are grateful you came back to share it with us.  Your brother John Thompson, Arizona

Troy Kuglin wrote:  Received your book Tuesday and read it yesterday, was very good and enlightening!" 

  We so enjoyed your book.  I truely believe you saw what you saw, you were blessed.  All my church friends are looking forward to your book.  Omega Cole, Illinois

That was beautiful and has just increased my belief, thanks for sharing.  Nadeane Wood, Kansas

 I enjoyed Chapters I, II, III.  It gave me peace of mind.  I think God is telling us something.  Beth Uber, Illinois,    (she died before the book was published.)

  Thanks for sharing your story.  I believe it.  There is no doubt that God has great things waiting for us.  Keep writing.  George Ogan, Kansas

I read your book and I really enjoyed it, my son passed away Dec 24, 2009 and he had a rough life and I was worried about him, but after reading your book, I now know he is in a wonderful place.  Erma, Tucson, Az

Thank you for the invite to share my comments on your book! I have already bought and received copies for myself, my brothers and my daughter. Again, I have thoroughly enjoyed re-reading it and have to tell you I loved the poems you added.

Hi Gladys,
David Kuglin commented on your link.
David wrote: "Gladys, I just finished your book a few days ago and you are right, it truly is amazing. I enjoyed it very much and it does give you a very good feeling to know that there is much more to come, not that I doubted but it is just so reasuring. I put the copy in the church library. Pastor Kent thanks you very much."

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"I had a friend call me from Tennessee the other day. Jerry Naylor. He believed that I saw everything, and he said that that he hadn't gotten through the veil, like I did. He had flatlined and came close to seeing everything also. He was very happy about my book, and he enjoyed it very much. It was nice hearing from him. "


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"I ordered your book, and I can hardly wait to get it. Patty McCarthy"


A comment on this Squidoo lens  wrote:


"I liked your book so well that I read it a couple of times, Heidi, from New Zealand"


A woman in the beauty shop, remarked that she had read the book, and found it heartwarming and written with such LOVE that she picks it up and reads it several times a week, especially when she feels sad.  It brightens her day, and she can feel the love that it brings to her.
Margy Myers
Vincent Lombardi, wrote and told me the story is very powerful, he thanked me for sharing my book with him.